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Fri, Dec. 7th, 2007, 09:56 am
midnightwriter: The spin stops here...

The mindset of society has been created out of conflict, deception and lies by the spin masters we refer to as the elite. Because of this, we are always in conflict with society. 

Our (thought) reality mindset is not based on truth, this makes it weak; like a house built on sand. 

It is difficlut to understand all of the deceptions but easier to live in the truth as it is  inherent, in our soul. If we as individuals start trusting ourselves, and research history. We will find examples of the spin which we are currently in. We as individuals can turn the spin around and change our own mindset and this will ripple across the lake of thought in our society.

Remember, the elite are constantly  spinning propaganda, so it takes  a vigil on our thoughts and mind to dodge the spin giving it no home in our minds...This is an information battle, so research history and you will see the spin as it repeats itself from the past to now. As a mind set in truth is a rooted mind and is built on a strong foundation not easily swayed by the propaganda of the masters of deception...