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Fri, Oct. 12th, 2007, 11:57 am
citizen: Those who have freed themselves from mystical experience don’t preach morals.

You must all be reduced to the level of animals.  Until then you won’t understand. When all our acquired culture and civilization are burned into ashes, when we remain as just us, who are nothing, who don’t belong to anything, and who don’t think or experience anything – the pure us – then we will understand.

 Whether you agree or not, your body lives by itself as an animal.  Only you have problems.  The body doesn’t have any problems.  It has no worries.

 We give a shape and look to that form.  We dress it up,  we take it around in cars and feed it chocolates.  We assume that the sounds we hear from it are words and we try to understand the words. Cleverly we whisper, pointing out that there is nothing saying anything, and that whatever is there and whatever we think we know is all a delusion.